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I have been told that Maricopa County in Phoenix, AZ, has the second highest euthanasia rate of their shelter animals, in the entire country. This is a horrible statistic. The people living here in this area, need to take responsibility for this crisis of thousands of dogs being put to death here every year. The only way this will even begin to correct, is to pass a law requiring mandatory, unless you are a licensed breeder. > Puppies and dogs from breeders, before going into homes, must also be spay and neutered. > I know passing a law requiring "mandatory", can and will make a difference. There are already programs and organizations out there to provide funding to help get the animals spay and neutered at every low cost to No cost. Please share and support this cause. Lives are depending on it.


Eloise D Prevost

This will help thousands of cats and dogs from becoming pregnant and adding to the overpopulation crisis. Aprox. 50,000 animals are being euthanized every year at the county's shelters because there are too many animals and not enough homes to place them. Signing this petition will help put into legislation a mandatory requirement for pet owners to have their animals spayed and neutered. In time, there will be a reduction of animals entering the shelters to be killed. Less births, less animals, and new home opportunities will open up for the animals.

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