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Today I've got a call that on Dorcol are left 6 kittens, they are to young and they even could look through their eyes. Even I live in the other town, I couldn't left them alone to die on the rain. My friend went for them, and put them to a safer place. We have luck they are drinking milk throuh the bottle. Few days ago we found couple of kittens and now we have 8 of them. Those 8 kittens needs all : milk, tablets against parasites, money for vaccine when they grow up, soft food. Financial we can't stand alone, we need help. Your help would be very appriciated .Kittens must be fed on a pacifier, every two hours.We will give our best to save their lives and they're really small.If you in any way to help, we would be very grateful.I'm sorry that I can not publish video to see how I take care of them.Every three hours getting food, massages them and heat the hot water I pour into bottles.I really do my best to save their lives and it's not difficult to me.They need everything, replacement milk and all that is put into it, vaccines, soft food, flea powder, pills against parasites..My friend Lisa just made a donation,would you do the same and help them on their way to a new life and a safe home? All of my work can be followed on facebook page: my site is a video where you can see how I take care of them:

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