Sign the Petition to invite you and your friends to call on Gen. Sec. of the UN. Change the exclusive Men's Club of five.

Make amends in the membership of UN Security Council. Change the number of permanent members from five to twenty or more. Let 75% of vote decide the security issue that concern the humanity on this Earth.

Include the Africans, Germans, Scandinavians and the EU states, Japanese, Indonesians, Indians, Brazilians, Argentinians, Mexicans and other Latin American states like Venezuela. Include Australians, NZ and Canada. Include the people of the Arab World.

Get more Women leaders on the Council.

Men in power tend to overestimate their strength and cause collateral damage. Human beings are not a collateral. They are Mothers, Fathers, Brother, Sisters, Sons and Daughters.

UN Security Council decides sanctions, attacks and other punishments. Change this; decide about the well-being of the humanity. Nobody has ever wasted a word on how to stop the terror killings in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After the Iraq and Afghanistan war, we do not trust the five, mostly Men to make prudent decisions.


Arun Kohli

I would like to send this petition in the name of all people of the World to the UN General Secretary to show that people of the World do not want any new nasty Wars.

We want the Security Council to show us how they will stop wars and not start new ones.

We do not want anyone to kill our fellow human beings anywhere in the World under false pretexts like WMD in Iraq. We are the people, it is about us and we want to choose our future and future of our fellow human beings in mutual consensus. We want to stop just any politicians, like Henry Kissinger said before the Iraq war: George W. Bush needs to make a case for the war.

How can you make a case for killing innocent people?

We do not want any armies to attack Syria, Libya and Afghanistan, Iraq or any country that does not fit in to the plan of some politicians.

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