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Dear Prime Minister,

For the reasons spelled out below, we, the undersigned, entreat you to withdraw immediately the Special Protection Group (SPG) security from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her two children. Instead, as the chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance, Mrs. Gandhi could please be given Z+ security and Mr. Rahul Gandhi that due to a member of Parliament and the sole vice-president of the Indian National Congress.

There is some justification for providing impenetrable SPG security, costing the exchequer hundreds of crores of rupees annually, to an ex-prime minister's immediate family - spouse, children and parents - for a period of ten years from his or her ceasing to hold office. This would ensure that India's enemies would not be able to threaten the lives of the family members to blackmail the ex-prime minister, whose knowledge of the state secrets would still be quite current, into compromising the country's security. But this, clearly, is not the case with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her children.

Moreover, the SPG's is an exceptional security and affording that lifelong to the family of a former prime minister is against the spirit of the Special Protection Group Act 1988, and has absolutely no place in a real democracy because it is very much similar to making someone prime minister for life.




Kanan Jaswal

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