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Learn about/support creating a movie about the Battle off Samar & ask others to pledge.

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By asking people to learn about the courage, gallantry & sacrifice of the men of "Taffy 3", involved in the Battle off Samar during WWII, they will understand why the story must be told. By asking them to join the Group, Page & requesting others to pledge, will increase the number of people who show interest & support this effort. This will help provide the catalyst to make this movie a reality.

Once the support is large enough, the next step is presenting this story to individuals in the entertainment & film industry who can make a movie happen. This will not be easy, but my pledge is to make this happen! BUT, it won't happen without interest & support to do so!

"In no engagement of its entire history has the United States Navy shown more gallantry, guts and gumption than in those two morning hours between 0730 and 0930 off Samar"— Samuel Eliot Morison, History of United States Naval Operations in World War II, Volume XII, Leyte

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