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Pass out Fair Trade chocolate this Halloween.

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How this will help

Halloween shouldn't be least not when it comes to CHOCOLATE!

This year, Fair Trade your Halloween.

Despite years of promises from the major chocolate manufacturers, too little has been done to tackle the documented problem of forced child labor on many farms that supply their cocoa. Moreover, at the bottom of the chain, cocoa farmers have been left in poverty year after year.

Fair Trade chocolate is proof that change is possible - today - and represents an important step towards larger reforms. Fair Trade certification prohibits the use of abusive child labor, and encourages the adoption of safer, chemical-free farming methods. Also, the guaranteed Fair Trade price paid for cocoa raises farmers' incomes and supports a more environmentally sustainable small-scale farming model—which in turn provides hope for a better future for all our children.

JOIN US in transforming the lives of children in cocoa farming communities.

Pledge to pass out Fair Trade certified chocolate this Halloween!


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