Sign the Petition to the FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg, M.D and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

This petition is in support of the revision of the FDA's current blood deferral policy that makes men who have sex with men (MSM) BANNED4LIFE. This policy was put in place because it considers MSM "High-Risk" for contracting HIV/AIDS. This outdated 1983 policy needs to be re-looked and compared with the modern blood screening methods that are currently in place.

The policy turns away potentially good donors with no regard to their sexual behaviors. It is time for the FDA to consider sexual behaviors instead of sexual identity or sexual orientation when identifying individuals as "High-Risk." I encourage the FDA to take action on this matter that affects ALL of us.



When Blake went to donate blood for his friend Emmy (who has sickle cell anemia) he was turned away because he is gay. That's when he and and his partner Brett decided to do something about it.  

At first thought the FDA's policy that bans gay men from donating blood appears to discriminate against a small minority of citizens. In reality, it affects not just those targeted by the discrimination, but everyone who is in a time of need, desperate to receive a blood transfusion.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the FDA's policy that permanently bans gay men from donating blood and work together to bring an end to this discriminatory policy and save lives.


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