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Dear friends,

This is an emergcency and a horrible situationDue to a tragic incident in Bucharest ) where a 4 years old child died because of the wounds inflicetd by some dogs ( who were living on a partially deserted construction site, beloging to a developper SR LAGUNA TEI ) because both the victim and his 6 years old brother have been left UNSUPERVISED for more than 20 minutes by their Grandmother while out in a park, now the MEDIA and those who preach the mass killing pf stray dogs, have started one of the MOST HORRIBLE campaing against these poor animals who still are and continue to appear on the streets of Romania, because local authorities NEVER took the right measure - impose mas sterilization and severely punish the abandon...

President of Romanian Traian Basescu asked the government to immediately prepare an Emergency Ordinance which will esteblish a certain period of time for stray dogs to be adopted by animal lovers, taken home and kept in their own yard, and the remaining ones to be euthanised." I make an appeal to the Government, - because the local administration have their hands tied by the present legislation - to issue an Emergency Ordinance which will porovide a certain period of time for stray dogs to be adopted by animal lovesr, taken home and kept in their yards, and those who are not adopted to be euthanised" 

The President also said that the sterilization of dogs, prolongues their lives up to 12-15-18 years. " The sterilization is a longterm solution, which prooved unsuccessful".Based on his estimation the sterilizatuion and care for the dogs did not give results. " We can not wait for another child to be killed". entire mass media in Romania has started a horrible campaign to manipulate and incite de population against these poor animals, who are on the streets BECAUSE local authorities, for more than a decade did not do ANYTHING to punish the abandon, to stop the source of new puppies, by mass sterilization....the stray dogs have become a GOOD BUSINESS....

Next week there will be a debate in the Judiciary Committee Romanian Parliament on the law 771/912 which was supposed to have passed already in April, BUT those who want to massacre these animals send so many ammendments....These animals and their protectors, need YOUR VOICE...This barbaric mentality and attitude should NOT be allowed in any civilized country in the world, let alone in the EU....`ötung-der-straßenhunde?share_id=PmhuZZUDaJ&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

Romanian mass media MUST be held responsible for incinting to VIOLENCE and CRIMES against animals and their protectors ! It is beyond despicable the hysterical and manipulative campaign started by the media....thank you.(please copy/paste with the translation and the link....)


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