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Celebrate less abandoned puppies in Tecuci

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RAR spayed/neutered in Tecuci 158 dogs and 6 cats. THANK YOU!

Many thanks to RAR`s generous donors, to DrAurelian Stefan, Dr Petrisor Stefan, Dr Udrescu Lucia, Vet tech Ruth Osborne, also many thanks to our volonteers and to the City Hall for letting us spay/neuter in it`s vet clinic. Thanks to all of these wonderful people in Tecuci on the 2nd and 3rd of September were castrated 164 animals - 80 animals with owner ( 6 cats, 59 female dogs and 15 male dogs) and 80 dogs from the shelter (54 male dogs and 30 female dogs). We are very grateful for all your support, dear donors and we hope you will go on donating to RAR so we can reduce the suffering. Animals in Romania desperately need your help and support! PLEASE DONATE FOR SPAY/NEUTER on [email protected] paypal account or on the website Many thanks again to all of you wonderful people! Your support makes a huge difference for animals. Please always remember this. Mihaela Raducanu, Association for Animal Protection Tomita -Tecuci


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