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Mayor Jessie Moore

Please help stop the shooting of stray and loose animals in Waskom City, Texas. The code enforcement officer is trigger happy. He shoots the animals and when confronted always says that the dog was aggressive. He has totally overused this excuse.

Recently he shot a mans dog when it was playing in a field next to his home. When the owner asked him why he had shot his dog, again he said it growled at him. Then to add insult to injury, he was going to leave the body of the dead dog in the field. When the owner ( who is disabled) asked about it, he was callously told to "drag it into the woods and let the coyotes eat it". Then while he was standing in the dead dogs owners yard he was on the phone bragging to someone about what he had done. This has got to stop.

The animals deserve to be treated with compassion. He is a murderer hiding behind a badge. If he can not treat the animals humanely, then he needs to be removed from his position.

Please call the Mayor Jessie Moore and tell him to get the killer off the streets. His number is 903-687-2293, 903-687-2694. Thank you.

(Note; the picture used is not of the actual dog that was shot, I had to have a picture to start the petition so I used one that I found. I did not have one of the dog that he shot.)


Marie Ashley

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How this will help

Replace the animal control officer.  Take the killer off the streets.  Improve the way stray/loose animals are treated.

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