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James H. Morgan Chairman, President and CEO of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Please sign this petition to stop Krispy Kreme from squishing and disposing of doughnuts that are slightly unattractive. I have watched through the glass window at my local KK store and have seen the same tragedy occur time and again. Donuts often get stuck in the conveyor belt, resulting in a dent or deformity in the donut. These donuts do not make the cut and an employee discards them. In a batch of about 100 donuts, around 20 don't make it.
I believe that these reject donuts should not be thrown away. They should be given to charities, local schools or homeless shelters. There is no need to waste perfectly good donuts.


Jackelyn Ho

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This petition will get us one step closer to eliminating food waste. 

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