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Attend on Sunday, September 22nd.

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Sunday, September 22nd - Arabia Mountain Gathering - All welcome! 3PM 

Healing, workshop, points chauds

Ecological and geological diversity abound winding through massive fields of exposed granite and past fragile, shallow basins teeming with rare plant life.Clouds reflect in water pools along hiking trails at the summit of Arabia Mountain near AtlantaThe diverse landscape at Arabia Mountain is so beautiful – and sometimes so foreign – it's almost surreal. This wild, rugged granite ecosystem lives a half hour from Midtown Atlanta, though it looks like a landscape from distant lands… a testament to the awesome landscape diversity of Georgia.The ecological diversity at Arabia Mountain is stunning, and the ecology and geology is viewable from a network of over 8 miles of well-groomed and well-marked hiking trails through the Davidson Arabia Nature Preserve. Arabia Mountain is just a small piece of the 2500+ acre preserve, host to three mountain summits and two lakes.And throughout the Arabia Mountain preserve, hiking trails wind through rugged mountain summits and wetlands, exploring diverse lichens and mosses, flowers and trees, and ample wildlife.The massive exposed granite faces at Arabia Mountain show its history as a major quarry, now abandoned. Semi-polished granite slabs, evidence of core drilling, and abandoned quarry structures lie throughout the Arabia Mountain preserve as testament to its history in granite production. But the Arabia Mountain of present is a serene, almost surreal expanse of exposed granite punctuated by lakes, wetlands, young forest, and a wildly diverse natural environment.


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