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Coke’s CEO, Muhtar Kent, and other executives at Coca-Cola

In a time when America faces an epidemic of obesity, an epidemic that extends to our children, we should be celebrating the decline in sales of Diet Coke, and promoting truly healthy alternatives in its place.

Instead, Coca-Cola is running ads in Chicago and Atlanta that falsely promote aspartame, the artificial sweetener in Diet Coke, as a “healthy alternative” to sugar. These ads, disguised as public service announcements, are false and misleading.

As you know, multiple studies, including one published in 2010 by the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine have concluded that aspartame actually contributes to weight gain by stimulating appetite.

I’m sure it’s also no secret to you that many studies have concluded that aspartame is also linked to a host of chronic illnesses. In 1995, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) documented 92 aspartame-related symptoms, including migraines, memory loss, seizures, obesity, infertility, dizziness, change in seizures, fatigue, neurological problems and a host of others.

Instead of trying to promote an unhealthy product, why doesn’t Coca-Cola take the high road, and develop products that are truly healthful?

In the meantime, I respectfully request that you pull your misleading ad campaign immediately. Our children deserve better than to be fed a stream of lies so that Coca-Cola shareholders can profit from selling drinks that are contributing to a national epidemic of obesity.

Thank you.


Organic Consumers Association

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