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How this will help

TNT stands for Telling Nuclear Truths 

FVN stands for Free Vanunu Now

"Freedom Now First, FNF" is how Vanunu Mordechai ends his messages now

My email to Mr Vanunu will alert him to this Pledge and my SUBJECT line will be: TNT, FVN, FNF

TNT THANKS Nabil ShabanI for his EMAIL TO:


Hello Mordechai

I am sorry the Israeli State Nazis continue to persecute you. I was outraged to read that on March 24th, just a week after our last circular, the Israeli Gestapo called on you and took you to a room in their police station where two security men were waiting to question you. I understand you were warned, again, not to meet foreigners.

And then on April 21st the police came to the Jerusalem hotel where you met two Americans. Again the fascists took you to the local police station and you were interrogated for two hours.

Then, you on May 5th was challenged by police in the American colony, where you was sitting with two Europeans. The Gestapo checked your ID card and the passports of your companions. I also read a month later, on June 23rd, you were told to report for questioning about your May 5th meetings.

Again, you was told by the Israeli State Nazis you was not allowed to meet with foreigners. It is appalling you are treated in this inhumane manner. Israel's terrorist behaviour towards is an international crime against humanity.

If you were an Iranian warning the world that Iran had nuclear weapons, the American and British governments would be treating you as an international hero, would be demanding your freedom to leave and they would be offering you political asylum in their respective countries.

But because Israel is an ally of America, they do not care that Israel contravened international laws by illegally and secretly acquiring nuclear weapons of mass destruction, with which to threaten the region while it continues it's illegal expansionist ambitions.

I am posting this message to you on my Facebook page, to remind the world of the continued evil treatment of you by the Nazi Zionist Israeli state.Much love from your friend and supporter.


Here is Mordechai Vanunu's email address, so you can send solidarity good wishes:

Mordechai's phone number is on his website:

On June 26, 2013 Vanunu wrote about those arrests HERE


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