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Time4The99 Prostate Cancer Awareness

Approximately 29,000 men die annually in the U S from prostate cancer, lack en are dying at a rate of 2.5 times greater than white me.... Prostate cancer is one of the most beatable and treatable cancers of all cancers and also one of the slowest growing cancers. early detection is key, most men are totally uneducated on the importance of prostate health. early detection is the key to survival.. In a time when funding should be increased to address this void, funding has unfortunately been cut.

Our organization Time4The99, is an organization of female prostate cancer advocates with an  objective which includes making breast and prostate cancer a "Common Cause."

We need your help and support in raising funds in order to raise awareness.

For more information on te organization, visit us online at or calling 773 351-5463.

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