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Mayor, Sir, Madam, To whom it concerns:

I am horrified to read of your intention to implement a policy whereby if dogs
are not adopted within 7 days of entering the PS in Valcea they will be

Not only is this immoral but I also believe it to be illegal.

 It is against all humanitarian laws and morals and I would like to
register my protest.

Dogs from this shelter are adopted worldwide.

The shelter of Valcea is known throughout Europe and America.

I want you to know that this decision will not be accepted quietly.

A far better way to reduce the numbers of dogs on your streets would be to
introduce a spay and release policy ...

This is the only option that we would consider acceptable. Many dogs from the
shelter are suitable for adoption and many have already been adopted across

I want you to be aware that not only the eyes of Europe, but those of America,
Australia and many others countries are upon you ...

We are already speaking to politicians and the press.
Is this shame something that you want to bring to the town of Valcea ???



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