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Support Dr. Dale Greiner's research in the field of abdominal cancer.

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How this will help

Appendicial Cancer is a rare and cruel disease.  It strikes silently, and by the time a patient exhibits any symptoms, it is often too late for treatment.

Dr. Dale Greiner is an immunologist with the University of Massachusetts.  He was recently awarded the Dr Eileen L. Berman and Stanley I  Berman Foundation Chair Grant to research early detection and treatment of abdominal cancers including appendicial and peritonial cancers.  Dr. Greiner is one of just a few researchers worldwide focusing on these insidious forms of cancer.

Dr. Greiners research offers the promise of patient-specific treatment for abdominal cancer patients.  His methodology also offers hope to patients fighting other cancers, diabetes, HIV, and other autoimmune diseases.

We can help save countless lives by supporting this research.  Your donation, whether $5 or $5,000, will be earmarked specifically for this promising research.

Please donate as generously as possible by mailing your check marked "for cancer research" to: 

The Diabetes Center for Excellence

University of Massachusetts

ATTN: Lisa Hubacz, Administrator

55 Lake Avenue North, AC2-208

Worcester, MA 01605

If you are unable to donate even $5, you can still help by spreading awareness of Dr. Greiner's work.  Please become part of the cure by pledging your support.

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