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With the threat of World War on the horizon, there has never been a more important time for you to join the peace movement. 

The dream of peace shall remain a dream until our human family stands united.  Most people feel that war, poverty, and all other challenges facing our society are too big for us to do anything about.  This is only true if you do nothing; if you hear the faint call in your heart but choose to go on with your day. 

It is true only if we remain divided, isolated, alone and indifferent.

On September 21st, don't just join, but be a leader. Help spread the word, that millions of people from all traditions, countries and faith may join together in this prayer for peace.

1. Join on Facebook and invite ALL of your friends   (copy and paste link) 

2.  Post on twitter and other social media

3.  Email your friends

4.  Organize a peace party with your friends on 9/21 and join us! Register at

5.  Tune in to the broadcast on and visit us for updates.

6.  Download the free mobile app for Android or iPhone to tune anywhere, anytime.

7.  Ask God as you understand Him to show you how you can be a part of the solution and ask for the courage to act when the answers come.

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