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Force America to stop the impending war on Syria. We oppose military intervention in Syria.

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We have the power to stop the war in Syria. War is not a solution. Justice is the greatest comfort one could have. There is still time to stop the Syrian War. This is the first time that such a cruel and insane sectarian fanaticism is observed in the Islamic World. Fanatic mindset is a grave danger and it is snowballing. US and Europe don't understand it yet. What does not wanting the Muslims to unite mean? Seek refuge with God from the accursed satan. The primary goal in Syria must be to stop casualties. It is important to put an end to the suffering of Syrian people. Rather than a war, a rescue operation must be made to Syria; the priority must be to rescue the civilians from Syria. If Islamic countries enter Syria, then no blood will be shed. Casualties will mount in the case of an action by USA and the West. As the requisite of the testing, there are both angelic people and evil people in the world. God would not let cruelty and ruthlessness. God supports love and being compassionate. The unity of the Islamic world is a wonderfully easy solution. The pain and the sufferings will increase even further if America is not stopped. It is a shame that despite everything going on the Islamic countries still resist the Islamic Union. The heedlessness displayed by the Islamic countries in the midst of all these incidents is horrible. What primarily needs to be done in Syria is to evacuate the civilians and to prevent the death of more innocent people. Hatred is very prevalent. Ruthlessness and lovelessness are all over the world. We need to make effort to remove them. It is not right to say that the intention is not to make a change in the regime. It is important to stop the killing of innocent people. The task of the Islamic armies going to Syria must be to ensure the security of the nation, to stop the assaults and to turn life to normal. No method of killing can be considered to be reasonable. Killing a human being is savagery no matter how it is committed. 

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