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August 27, 2013
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ROMANIAN ACADEMY give the nose, hard of everything! SHARE moments!
ROMANIAN ACADEMY give the nose, hard of everything! SHARE moments!
Romanian Academy, through the voice of the community's president, academician Ionel Outlaw, a leading authority in academic abolishes RMP or, rather, RMP gun point by point! The view of the Romanian Academy was broadcast in a program of public television in 2012. It addressed the issue of environmental protection and heritage, with shameful issue of fees (the amount of gold and silver that the state receives)

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As you suspected, the political class and the media in the country do not heed the message clearly and accurately the specialists of the Romanian Academy because resonates with their interests. In normal states, the specialists would have the last word in our political mafia has the last word, for 22 years, and the result is seen. They sold everything, now will sell with no little remorse and last resources of the country, the boys are hungry for bribes and bribery.

Academician Ionel Outlaw tackles embarrassing problem royalties received by the Romanian state, pointing out that in other countries the value is 80% for the state and only 20% to the investor . The new mafia gang, headed by Basescu and Ponta effervescent supporters of the project, agreed that the state receive only 6%. 's a difference between heaven and earth that!

Even now I can not explain how that can accept a premier Romania on its gold, to win this deal only 19 300 tonnes of gold and 192 tons of silver in 1600. I want to explain how to accept that the 300 tons of gold, 282 tons to return as Canadians and 1,600 tons of silver, Canadians receive more than 1500 tons. What is the argument for the laugh of the earth's oldest Romanian settlement and accept permanent damage to this area?

What is the argument for this is described as a TUN successful, the clock, faltered and Basescu - tartorii business! Not all are stupid, the reality is clear, the deal is a disaster for Romania, both financially and environmentally!

We have a choice, either move the hands politely as two decades ago and still do something and disappear, as static or leave EXPERTS have the last word!

Politicians ignore the views of the Romanian Academy, simply because their interest is to give a cannon. Rosia Montana is a mega corruption planned by the political class, regardless of party.

By simple arguments, common sense, academician trying to wake us up! Up to us ...

Transcript Ionel Outlaw

Part I

We believe that there are three conditions that should be met.

1. First, the operation should not be done on the surface, as designed, but the galleries. Grasswork endanger the environment, endangering the landscape, endangering archaeological areas, endangering the community, largely to be affected and even destroyed, or exploitation in galleries as practice and practice mining in Romania and other countries, is underground and not see what is happening, not affect.

2. The second condition would relate to financial matters. At present, it provides a certain fee, so a part of the amount, or a percentage of investment income, which is very small, according to the current , to return the Romanian state. Or look this: gold, as any mineral resource is owned by the state, the Romanian State. In international practice, especially in oil, but also minerals - gold, nickel, rare metals, common metals - use so-called partitioning method of production, production sharing agreement. That would mean that the gold extracted, in this case, the investor, who exploit the resource receives a part of the production, to cover investment costs, operating costs and a reasonable profit, and the rest of the production actually belongs to the owner, the state . In some countries this production sharing means up to 80% of production to the state owner. So if gold would mean that the gold extracted, which would return the Romanian state to enter directly into the national treasury, the National Bank. Bank and the Romanian state should not buy this gold belongs, and the gold that you have, the one who pays it operates.

3. The third condition relates to the technology. He aroused much discussion and many emotions cyanide-based technology. True, in the world of gold mining, most of the cyanide mining in various countries. Cyanide can be controlled, but there are other technologies. It is used because it is the cheapest, most profitable and then of course, any company trying to work with maximum profit with minimal expense. But, there are other technologies, and recently appeared on the internet information, I do not want to advertise a company, but there is an American company that claims it has a new technology, environment friendly, or environment friendly, which uses cyanide , does not use toxic reagents, is just as effective as cyanide, from the point of view of technology, that the degree of extraction, as economically efficient and that you should, I think, studies by taking a final decision.

There are other concerns. As Socially, from the point of seeing the job. No answer to the following question: if the construction period are 2,000 jobs during operations after two years, still only 500 jobs, what happens to the 1,500 jobs that disappear places after the two years? A second question, in terms of office: how many jobs during operation and during construction can be filled with people in the area, locals and how many specialists or technicians or skilled workers should be brought out? Mining technology stops at the gate of a factory where extraction occurs then, in this case, the proposed cyanide, but extracting it is a chemical process, it's a chemical, mining, ore treatment with cyanide, or there is need chemists need skilled technicians in this area and I think that all jobs can be covered with locals.

We do not think that is a sustainable development project. Seventeen years later, the area remains without resources, without jobs and that is the perspective from the conclusion of the whole operation? There is another thing: I do not think they should totally exhausted gold reserves at the Rosia Montana and generally in the Apuseni Mountains. We owe it to future generations to leave, because reserves of natural wealth are an inheritance of the past, but a borrowing from future generations. If 2000 years gold has been removed in the Apuseni Mountains, little by little, and it was even less, should future generations be able to enjoy some of this reserve and national wealth.


Consuella-Monica Neagu

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How this will help

This petition will help to stop the release of very harmful fumes caused by the Cianhidric Acid in the air which can kill an individual in under 1 minute when inhaled.

This petition will help to stop the release of very harmful fumes caused by the Cianhidric Acid in the air which can kill an individual in under 1 minute when inhaled.

Never thought in this country things can turn so bad in a very short time. It scares me that this is just the beginning, and more than half of the population may be in this situation if you will open Pandora's box.Again, even in the darkest nightmare Ponta do not think this can seriously careful so the rule of law may also violate our rights and freedoms hal ... it will be worse than shooting the temple. RULE OF LAW, HUMAN RIGHTS, THE CONSTITUTION IS Calcutta up for the interests of private companies! Your Intersele and country are thrown away, did not matter. LIKE PAGE Citizens United.

Because the design of the RMGC break a bunch of laws, the government decided that they should be immune and pulled out a bill, already approved, no longer needs any comment. Tomorrow who knows what other business can get this privilege.Today our grandparents suffer from Rosia Montana, tomorrow you can be in their situation, your parents, your relatives, if done this before.Government to put pressure on the company that will operate the Rosia Montana gold. 

The Romanian  government will allow the companies to do what they want with the local people, the environment and their properties. Put yourself in the situation there.You, your family, your relatives have a house with a small garden and the misfortune that under them or in a neighboring area to be natural resources that a private company has set his sights. Do you enjoy the company may decide that you should be taken out of your home on your property because it is useful in thy land. It gives compensation anything and get you out of the house and that to the ground in a few days.You can not do anything because between the state and the company there is an agreement that cancels the application of any law, you Cancels any right!If the U.S. property is sacred to us can be an ordeal.Not a joke, is reality. 

Here's what will happen to people who refuse to leave their homes and lands passed down from generation to generation.January. RMGC can become the owner or lessee of any property necessary mining mining perimeter over which the Romanian state and / or local administrative units have a private or public ownership - all in just 45 days after filing a formal request with no local debate or decision without any public auction.May. Perimeter license RMGC has fixed limits. National Agency for Mineral Resources is obliged to reconfigure any time to request RMGC outside any regulatory procedures.June. RMGC will be the designated representative of the Romanian state in the process of expropriation of land needed mine. In other words: all Rosia Montana residents who refuse to sell properties will be expelled from their land, which will return after payment of compensation found itself at the mercy of the Company's operating concession to another entity Private - Gold Corporation shares themselves forcibly eject the inhabitants of 'former' their households will be made ​​most likely security units (read: paramilitary) private yet they act with authority from the State. This will avoid the unpleasant situation in which policemen, gendarmes and Romanian military exercise violence upon citizens, all being dressed in terms of a conflict between private security workers in RMGC will support the law.Do you think these people will be the only ones? Do you think that will leave? It will be carnage!The official view of the Romanian AcademyHydrocyanic acid will bring death to the Rosia MontanaVictor Bostinaru about Rosia Montana Environmental ImpactWhat is clock information about bribery in Rosia Montana. Of course, he changed his mind since then.See here another 20 provisions that will shock youread and -NATIONAL treason ( legal issues in operation at Rosia MontanaRosia Montana: Tap Pontaurii of Government! Submit a complaint to DG Justice / MCV!An economic argument against the Rosia Montana gold miningUSL Governance ProposalsRomanian Government passed the red line. Must mobilize domestic opposition and foreign intervention is legitimate when RMPRosia Montana case (2) - Gold, silver, uranium - and not only - in the Romanian treasury coffers aliens?About these AdsPromote knowledgeEnamelDiggPrintLinkedIn 2RedditStumbleUponPinterestTumblrFacebook 2K +GoogleTwitter AugustLike this:CURRENT , Rosia Montana , Romania Reliable , signs , PollsTags: BLOG projected as ROMANIA , ROMANIA PROJECTPost navigation← Les Miserables! Ponte BĂSESCU gives us JAF, cyanides, dust and death!The link between death row in the U.S., Hitler's death camps and RMP. Here's what you do not need to know. →

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