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How this will help

Romania Animal Rescue is gearing up for the month of September!  Beginning Monday, September 2, RAR Dream Team members are launching more spay/neuter campaigns.  160 animals have appointments for spay/neuter in Tecuci, 100 more in Vatra Dornei, 350 in Sighet (with our friend co-sponsors People 4 Pets, Germany and Dina's Ark, Sweden), 100 in Moreni, and 200 in Buhusi (with our friend sponsors Walk 4 Dogs and Toni).  20 more cats will be spayed/neutered in the Iasi Cat Spay Neuter program with hopes to generate funds for even more, and we are providing Donny and Alexandra with free spays/neuters for the animals in their care.  With the winter setting in soon, it is imperative for us to get as many animals spayed/neutered as possible.  So off we go!  The goal being 930-950 spays/neuters for this month of September alone.   1500 new educational books have now been printed and will be distributed in Tecuci, Vatra Dornei, Buhusi and Radauti.  Thank you to Mayhew International for sponsoring this printing.  

I wish all campaigns the very best!    Neuter or Spay!  No More Strays!  No More Suffering!  To donate to help more animals in Romania and alleviate their suffering, please go to or Paypal: [email protected] 

Our work is not possible without support from donors.

Thanks to you, it's working!


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