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Help Andrea Sloan obtain BMN 673

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How this will help

BioMarin Pharma rejected Andrea Sloan's "compassionate use" request to obtain a novel PARP-1/2 inhibitor cancer drug known as "BMN 673." Andrea is a 7-year, stage 3c ovarian cancer survivor. Andrea, along with her M.D. Anderson doctor and the FDA, believes that this new targeted therapy may help save or extend her life. Unfortunately, Andrea can not obtain BMN 673 without BioMarin's approval. If you are a cancer survivor, or a family member of one, please sign Andrea's petition by clicking on the hyperlink. Why? Because denial of access to an important investigational cancer drug could affect you or someone you love in the future. Please share this link with your family and friends.

To learn more about Andrea Sloan's grassroots fight to obtain BMN 673, please view KXAN's in-depth news story and read our Libby's H*O*P*E* article.

We thank you for your asisstance with respect to this important issue.

Best regards,

Paul Cacciatore

Founder, Libby's H*O*P*E*

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