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Mission: to spread awareness of this crisis, and get support to the Rangers of Virunga.  184 Virunga Rangers have been killed while protecting the Park.  Please join our campaign to Save the Gorillas of Virunga!  Gorilla Warriors:
''Virunga park is situated in the most troubled corner of the most turbulent country of the most unstable region of the most tormented continent on the planet: the people who live here have suffered decades of war. The situation is dire.'' ~ Jemadari Katya Katondolo, African Conservation Foundation, Media Officer for Virunga Park 
''The situation is grim, and these gorilla populations will go extinct soon without a sustained effort to intervene.'' ~~~Primatologist Craig Stanford  
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Threats to Virunga's gorillas & wildlife: 2 opposing armies battling for possession of the park, BIG OIL wants the petroleum reserves under the park , Mining for Coltan, Gold, Diamonds, Charcoal production - which requires the burning of the forest, Bushmeat Industry, Trafficking of Wildlife - to sell to international mafias  ...AND THE RANGERS WHO PROTECT VIRUNGA ARE BEING MURDERED !!!
many adult gorillas must be killed for the kidnapping of ONE baby gorilla.ASIA'S DEMAND FOR 'PET' APES IS FUELING THE TRAFFICKING CRISIS. ''...standing orders from zoos and private owners in Asia have spurred wildlife trafficking, Gorillas illegally sold to a zoo in Malaysia went for US$400,000 each.''
''Some 200 of the world's few remaining Mountain Gorillas live in Virunga. Virunga, Africa's oldest and most diverse national park, is home to many such endangered and critically endangered species. ''Unfortunately it is also home to armed gangs, political dissidents, poachers, illegal settlers and people wrecking the forests by producing charcoal. Protecting the park from total destruction are the Park Rangers.   ''Defending Virunga's forests and animals from these threats is a tough job. Virunga has a massive range of terrain [  2-million-acres (790,000-hectare) ] and almost no roads. We are trying to protect every part of Virunga and every living thing in it. And we're trying to do it with 400 lightly armed rangers, some pick-up trucks and a plane.''

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