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Today my friend Betzy Jensen lost Alma. She died of cancer. Alma was adopted as a senior dog in Norway by Betzy and family from ROLDA. We kind of knew Alma story when we rescued her. She was abused by some people, beaten to the extent she was afraid and yelled/cry at any sudden move. She was sad, sometimes aggressive and a problematic dog. Outside the kennel, she was savage. Inside, she refused to eat.We move her to the small shelter where she became instantly Dony's mom...and his best friend. Before being a friend for humans, Alma became Dony's friend. She was helped get strength and self confidence.Alma changed little by little, her progress amazed me - in few months, she was adopted into a family with other pets and small kids....which I never thought in the beginning that it will be possible. Never say never - even the dogs are teaching us this. When I got first updated photos of Alma I was so happy for her. Later, I see her new life and her happiness. The people from around her happiness shared. Now, these are only memories as Alma passed away, Not before learning what a really happy life means. All these thanks to Betzy family. RIP Alma!


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