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To the people of this planet,who cares and shares,inclusive certain organizational bodies.

Am speaking on the behalf of certain ethnic Brazilian group of native people of the Brazilian rain forest.
Apparently,there is a plan to built a large hydro electric dam(the third largest of the world) on the land of this kay pohs native Americas people.
And if it happens.a substantial area of approximately 40.000 hectares of land will have to be inundate to give away for this dam.
And as result not only will have this group of people whose livelihood depend s on the forest and river,will have to be dislocated and lose their lands,but also a large specie of living creature from the forest will be destroyed,or displaced in the process.
We are talking about the fauna and flora and tthe BIO-diversity,for this planet is ours to keep and depend on each one of us to do our utmost part for a good cause,like this at least " help" to save yet another,threatened area of our ecosystem,
All it takes is a mouse click away,however ultimately what counts is one's intentions.
So please help to sign up a petition to see what we together can do to make a difference in our ecosystem.
thank you so much.for kind deed.


Daniela Vieira

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How this will help

It may help "Raise" human consciousness to the plight of some people in this planet,who we are practically "neglected" and abandoned.

And that includes the fauna,flora and the vulnerable human beings.

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