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For the people of this planet and all the organizations that :"cares" about her.

Am speaking on behalf of the rain forest of Brazil,her biodiversity as well as the native people who lives in there.(the kaypohs).
Their lands,and only form of living,are being threatened by a plan of the government of Brazil and i feel "other outside entities" to build a major hydro electrical damn,in an area of 400.000 hectares of land.
Home of a huge biodiversity and ecosystem. as well as the home of about 40 thousand ethnic group of native people of the Americas,who may will find it hard to be relocated,after the deforestation and inundation or......flood of their lands.
And with that,yet another area of our rain forest and her already declining specie of living things will be destroyed.or even extinct from this already ail planet earth.
So please is with my heart heavy and sorrowful that i beg of your all out there who truly vehemently care for our physical earth home,to do your part,by signing up this petition.
your all know that..all it will take will not just be a click of a mouse,but also.....a caring heart,to help one another.
thank you for your cooperation and..peace!


Daniela Vieira

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How this will help

raise awareness,and maybe,by a touch of magic.....

change the turns of events.who knows?

never try,never know,never win.

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