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Share these important Facts & Figures about arts education with someone who speaks Spanish.

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Alex Sarian blogs about his experience as a Spanish translator for the new arts education tool, the Arts Education Navigator:

"In the last decade, the number of Latinos in the US has grown by 43%, whereas the number of African Americans has grown by 12%, and the number of Non-Hispanic Whites by 1%. So what are we doing in arts education to engage the 'new' American community?

Earlier this year, I was honored when Americans for the Arts asked me to translate their Arts Education Navigator into Spanish. Not only am I incredibly proud to be associated with a group that believes in the importance of publishing tools like these, but also I am humbled by their belief in making it user-friendly – not just in content and format, but in language too (there are few publications on arts education readily available, free of cost, in English and Spanish).

I invite everyone to join me in this process of efficiently translating Arts Education so that others can understand it better. There are many ways to do this, and not all have to be as cumbersome as knowing a foreign language: explain what it is you do to you parents (who probably still don't understand what it is that you do), try articulating it to your friends from High School, or practice your elevator pitch before meeting with a funder."

Another simple way is to take this pledge to share the Spanish version of Facts & Figures with someone.

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