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Raise Awareness of Selective Mutism

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How this will help

Knowing and understanding Selective Mutism is the most important step in overcoming it! People often overlook or trivialize the symptoms of SM since they aren't familiar with it, and because of this the people (often children) suffering from it may go years without anyone even knowing something is wrong!

Take a moment to read the Characteristics of Selectively Mute People and you will have all the tools you need to recognize the symptoms of SM in someone who may otherwise never be able to get help! (You may even know someone now who has SM and not even know it!)

Teachers are vital in helping diagnose SM (the symptoms are often only apparent at school), but most have never even heard of it!

You really can change lives just by telling others about SM!

How many chances do you get to change the world without even leaving your seat?!

* Knowledge really is the cure for SM. You've got the cure, what will you do with it?*

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