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This petition solely wants that the educated and experienced youths can help to serve INDIA just by talking to some backward class people, uneducated citizens, school students over the topics like population control, HIV/AIDS, environment degradation, health and hygiene, moral duties, social rights etc. on every such issue of which they have some knowledge. Apart this, the youths can tell the school students about what are the fields that are open for them to opt for their future and also try to convince them to go for higher levels/ranks. This can be only done by encouraging the children towards broad mentality by uplifting their will power with some courage.


Sandisut Grewal

As soon as this awareness will start uprising we will not in need to open any organization for us to get united but though we will be united by our meaningful and pious thoughts. What our country is lacking is just the awareness and this awareness comes with education in which our country is lagging very most in the race of education with several other countries. This awareness will help people to take right decisions for their sustainability as well as for their future. 

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