Sign the Petition to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, and Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson

We stand in solidarity with the family of Kyam Livingston, who needlessly died at Brooklyn Central Booking after police failed to follow basic policies requiring them to provide medical attention to persons in their custody who are sick or injured.

We join the family and their supporters in demanding:

(1) the release of any video surveillance footage from the cell and its environs during the time Kyam was in police custody;

(2) the immediate release of the names of the officers, especially the cell attendants, on duty at the time of Kyam's death;

(3) the criminal prosecution of those officers who specifically denied Kyam medical attention, thereby violating her civil and constitutional rights and resulting in her unnecessary and unjust death; and

(4) a complete and thorough investigation of the New York City Central Bookings system and the conditions in its holding cells.

The callous treatment, serving of spoiled food, denial of medical treatment or necessary medications, reports of sleep deprivation, extreme temperatures, rodents, waterbugs, and other inhumane conditions now commonplace in the New York City Central Booking system are INEXCUSABLE in a civilized society that prides itself on being the champion of civil and human rights.


Dayann Molina McDonough

On July 21, 2013 Kyam Livingston, a 37-year-old African American single mom, died in a holding cell in Brooklyn Central Bookings. According to witnesses, Kyam cried out in pain for a span of seven hours, only to have her pleas for help ignored by NYPD officers who made no effort to call an ambulance until after Kyam was dead.

Almost seven months after Kyam's death, no one has been held accountable. The NYPD continues to withhold evidence from the family's attorneys, our newly elected Mayor remains unresponsive to the family's many attempts to reach out to him, and the District Attorney's office has failed to provide information about the status of its investigation or when the family can expect to receive any answers.

Please sign this petition to demand that the NYPD turn over the evidence,  that District Attorney Ken Thompson prosecute those responsible for Kyam's unnecessary death, and that the Mayor launch an investigation into conditions at Brooklyn Central Booking.


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