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City leaders and the Ministry of Community Safety must realize the residents of Toronto and visiting cities do not want a prison for Sea life Downtown or anywhere else in Ontario. Research show confinement of sea animals is cruel and inhumane. If Canada chooses not to be a leader in Animal Rights, at minimum they must not contribute to the torture and confinement of Sea Life. This goes for Marineland as well. This "Seaquarium" will be in the center of huge noise-making city attractions. To the East Union Station, behind it, the non-stop trains into Union Station, to the West Rogers Center, behind it, the CN Tower. In front of it, the Steam Whistle Brewery blowing it's horns along with Billy Bishop airport. These animals will be overwhelmed and bombarded with sound 24 hours a day for the rest of their lives. For sensitive animals living by sonar, this is equivalent to torture. Please add your voice and speak for those without one. Leaders in the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario care what residents and the world think. Be the change you want to see. Tell your city leaders we will not stand for a downtown "Seaquarium" run by Ripleys or anyone else. 

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