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ARE YOU SEEKING A REAL FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY - that provides you, as a citizen of the African American/Black community, with a professional work environment and a REAL OPPORTUNITY toward reaching your FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

Are you tired of becoming trapped into these "get rich quick schemes" that seek to prey upon your sincere desires for financial freedom? 

Are you tired of these "last hired first fired" jobs that have become little more than a financial rollercoaster that has you bouncing from one job to the next? 

Are you tired of living a life without meaning or personal gratification?   

DID YOU KNOW that more millionaires were made during The Great Depression than in any other period in U.S. history? Read "The Great Depression: A Time of Great Opportunity"!


The African American Connection (AAC) is looking for qualified incredibly conscious African American leaders, possessing a pioneering spirit for achieving their financial goals.   

If you haven't become too disillusioned by all the false promises within the general market place and have been waiting on a program with the right stuff to mine the untapped potential within our own communities – THAT MOMENT HAS ARRIVED!

Our 'African American Affiliate Program' offers you a level economic playing field free from the discriminatory policies within the general market place and provides you with a REAL OPPORTUNITY toward obtaining REAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

The African American Connection is a whole new work environment offering our qualified 'AAC Affiliates:   

 ·  A professional work environment free from racism and discrimination ·  A realistic opportunity to earn a six figure income ($100k and above) 

 ·  A product with a real demand within our targeted market 

 ·  Professional training and support 

 ·  No competition – just to name a few! ·      

If you are looking for your FINANCIAL FREEDOM through a professional opportunity, that is based upon a REAL INCOME OPPORTUNITY that also embodies a REAL CHANCE TOWARD ACHIEVING YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM.. call us today at: 888-AAC-8842. And learn more about this "once in a generation opportunity" and see if you qualify to become an AAC Affiliate Pioneer!   

*All calls are accepted on our toll free line by calling us at: 888-222-8842 between the hours of 9:00 am EST and 5:00 pm EST. Please leave your name, number and a convenient time to reach you. Or, click here or access url: or  and register your attendance. All call in will be returned within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry.      

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