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Call my Senators for Turner HR 1898

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How this will help

Turner HR 1898 is a simple bill that says: when a single parent Soldier is deployed and must give temporary custody to someone while they are gone, the courts HAVE to return custody to the way it was when they come home. The courts are using a soldiers deployment or even just the possibility of a deployment to completely strip them of their parental rights.

We have received full unanimous support of the House for Turner HR 1898. We now need the Senate who is threatening to kill it. Take the pledge and invite all of your friends!

This bill only addresses one of the major personal issues causing our high veteran suicide rates! This bill will pave the way for anti-discrimination laws to help our troops. This is one of the easiest things you can do to show you support all of our soldiers. The instructions are simple.

Use this link and select your state in the drop down box.

Call both of your senators, if someone answers or you get a machine, leave this message.

"I want to leave a message for my Senator, tell them to sponsor a mirror for Turner HR 1898 and make sure it gets passed and that I want them to be sponsoring more bills like this one!"


For those concerned about State rights in family courts, the family laws of soldiers and veterans have always been respected as the only exception to the general rule. The US Supreme Court has ruled in almost a dozen cases soldiers and veterans are completely legally separate from the public and it is the responsibility of the US Congress to set guidelines for family law regarding soldiers and veterans. Without these guidelines the States have no jurisdiction. They have superseded and overturned all conflicting rulings including when no laws existed to provide this guidance. A prime example is the preventing of spousal support awards using retirements until Congress added family laws to the federal code. To ensure States understand the legal separation of soldiers and veterans they have always used the quote:

"We shall not attempt to epitomize a legal system as ancient as the culture of the Visigoths"


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