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In March, Friends of the Earth launched the Campaign for Genetically Engineered-Free Seafood, and we hit the ground running! Major grocery stores such as Target, Aldi, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Giant Eagle, and Meijer have committed not to sell genetically engineered seafood, representing more than 4,400 grocery stores across the United States that will be GE-free.

Now we are asking Kroger, the nation's largest conventional grocery store chain, to follow suit.

Kroger recently told consumers they have "no intention" of selling genetically engineered salmon, but also left the door open to sell it if it's approved by FDA. We know Kroger can and should do better and follow the lead of its major competitors with a firm commitment to not sell genetically engineered seafood in its 3,500 grocery stores across the United States, including Ralphs, Fred Meyer, GFC and Food 4 Less.

As we all know, "intentions" can change and we need strong company policies to protect our oceans and our families from the risks of genetically engineered fish. 

The Food and Drug Administration has stated that it won't likely require grocery stores to label genetically engineered fish, leaving consumers with no way of avoiding them. Through the Pledge for GE-Free Seafood, however, stores and restaurants can make clear to consumers their policies against selling genetically engineered seafood. As consumers, it's essential that we speak up for our right to know what we're feeding our families.

If Kroger and its banner stores agree not to sell genetically engineered seafood, it could be one of the last steps to make sure GE seafood is dead in the water in the United States.

Take action to tell Kroger to protect consumer rights and sign the Pledge for GE-Free Seafood!


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