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Learn Why it is APARTHEID in Israel Palestine HERE

In his eloquent note on August 18, 2013, to hisColleagues in Rock and Roll Roger Waters expressed what had been "simmering on the back burner of [his] conscience and consciousness for some time  and regarding "two recent events...To cut to the chase, Israel has been found guilty, independently, by international human rights organizations, UN officials, and the International Court of Justice, of serious breaches of international law. These include The Crime of Apartheid..."

Here is Vanunu's 90 second invitation [excerpted from "30 Minutes with Vanunu"] for the world to come and

"see the real wailing wall, the apartheid wall"

Roger also details the struggle to raise Stevie Wonder's conscience before headlining a gala dinner for the Friends of The Israeli Defence Force in LA on 6th December 2012.

Roger writes that the event is "to raise money for the Israeli armed forces, as if the $4.3,000,000,000 that we the US tax payers give them each year were not enough?

"Stevie, to his great credit, cancelled!"

Roger continues, "Earlier that week I delivered a speech at The United Nations. If you are interested you can find this speech on YouTube.

"The interesting thing about these two stories is that there was NOT ONE mention of either story in the mainstream media in the United States..."

Read the rest of Roger Waters note here

Please also alert him to this Cause regarding Vanunu's struggle for FREEDOM from Israel that the mainstream media in the WORLD has also ignored!


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