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Encourage pet rescues & animal shelters to join the 1st Annual $100,000 Rescue & Shelter Fundraiser

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Vinny the Pug is inviting 100 Pet Rescues and Animal Shelters to participate in the 1st Annual $100,000 Fundraiser and Year Long Training Laboratory.  One-hundred rescues and shelters will use a new Crowd Funding campaign to raise $100K which, if successful, each will receive an equal share of $1,000.  More importantly, the rescues and shelters will participate in a year long fundraiser training laboratory in which they are taught totally new proactive fundraiser models created especially for todays economic circumstances.  Each year during the month of September, 100 new members will be invited to participate in the fundraiser and laboratory. 

1st Annual $100K Pet Rescue Fundraiser

WANTED:  100 Pet Rescues and Animal Shelters

Participation is "FREE" for the first 50 participants to enroll and only $65 for the remaining 50 members.  United States applicants are urged to apply early because an undisclosed number of slots are being reserved for rescues and shelters from Canada and Mexico.  The first 50 applicants who send and email to the address below will be enrolled FREE.  The remaining participants will enroll at the fundraiser site. 

[email protected]


Allen Kimble, Jr. & "Vinny the Pug" 4-Ever!
New Orleans

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