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Donate and Help SASANE Purchase Basic School Supplies for the Children of Ghyangphedie!

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Due to their highly remote location, the Ghyangphedie villages in the Nuwakot district of Nepal lack access to basic services that many urban residents enjoy. As a result, the children of Ghyangphedie have little to no academic opportunities, instead often working through their childhood without any exposure to basic education. 

Samrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE) has made several visits to the Ghyangphedie villages over the past two years for the purpose of anti-trafficking work. This area is known for being particularly susceptible to human trafficking, as traffickers prey on the communities' lack of economic prospects and lure the women and children away with promises of education and work opportunities in Kathmandu Valley. Many of the village mothers are trafficked to work in brothels, leaving their children without a stable family environment and little support for educational development and advancement. 

From SASANE's visits and collaborative efforts with the villagers of Ghyangphedie, we have recognized the strong need for children's education. We have now initiated an educational program in which SASANE staff members will teach basic reading and writing in both Nepali and English, as well as math and science, to the village children of Ghyangphedie six days per week. However, implementing this project requires basic school supplies which the children's families cannot afford. 

Help us reach our goal of providing education to 120 children in four remote villages of Nepal! Pledge to donate and help SASANE purchase basic school supplies for the children of Ghyangphedie!

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