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Help Citizens UNITE! at in Jan/Feb 2014.

This pledge closed about 4 years ago

How this will help

We are organizing, to seek 501-3 non-profit status for donations in January 2014, forming a non-profit  Educational Charity to EXPOSE who Hi-Jacked our Country, how they did it, and HOW to Gain CONTROL of government.  See our site link below.  Causes approves of this method during organization phase. 

Helping is HELPING YOURSELF.  Help organize Average Americans and the Middle Class to  Expose Corruption that uses government too often AGAINST US.  

Your donation in Jan 2014 will help us pay basic Expenses-Improvements, Video Productions, Promotion to expose how Big Media, Politicians and Parties SELL DIVISION !! We MUST come together! Temporarily Stop fighting over religion & sex (gays) while your country, Freedoms and future are STOLEN.  

   We have  SOLUTIONS that will work.  But first help us get rolling !!    We've managed departments for big corporations.  We can do this,  Just help a little when we launch in Jan.  At that time, even $5 can help.  (We can't ask for money in some states until Jan or early Feb 2014).  Check out our  New Website (under improvement)    There is a  DONATE button there (upper right). for organizational and set up costs.  We need to raise $5000 in Jan & Feb 2014.  Pledge to then help us help  ALL of us.  

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