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Rafael de Santiago, President of the FCI

One of the most compelling aspects of the human-canine bond – cherished internationally more than ever before – is the fact that our dogs love us unconditionally.

Dogs do not discriminate. Gender, race, sexual orientation and other status do not enter the equation of responsible pet ownership. That is why the American Kennel Club and our constituency are puzzled and disappointed by the decision to allow Russia to host the 2016 World Dog Show.

The proliferation of anti-gay and lesbian laws in Russia today is both disturbing and shocking to our community. The choice of this country as a venue for such a prestigious dog show flies in the face of the ideals of the human-canine bond.

We urge you to move the 2016 World Dog Show from Russia to a nation that respects and upholds human rights for all its citizens.

The international dog community deserves to enjoy the World Dog Show in a place that stands for freedom and equal rights for all.

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Nick Magel

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We are hoping to move the 2016 World Dog Show from Russia to another country because of Russia's recent unjust laws regarding gays and lesbians. 

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