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World Governments to help in efforts to preserve the Amazon Rainforest

Yasuni's unique Green Gold, our "Lungs of the World" is about to disappear...

Yasuni National Park located in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin has been recognised by the United Nations as the most bio diverse place on the planet and home to many indigenous communities amongst the Huaorani's, whom I have lived with.

In 2010, the Ecuadorian Government started an initiative to raise $3.6 billion over 13 years to keep oil reserves in the ground of Ishpingo-Tambococha-Tiputini (ITT) oil field. After raising $13 million from charitable donations, President Correa has abandoned this mission when he announced, "I have signed the executive decree for the liquidation of the Yasuni-ITT trust fund and through it, end the initiative". If this exploitation goes ahead, a terminal cancer will spread through "The Lungs of the World" and not only will the indigenous and the local groups be affected by this but so will you and I. Our entire humanity and future generations run the risk of growing up in a toxic environment. Who knows what other diseases and traumas this will bring about?!

This is why I'm so passionate about it:

When I was 9 years old, I learnt about deforestation in the Amazon at school and ever since, I wanted to do something about it. It became a dream, gifted by a flame of passion.

Then at the age of 21, I travelled to the Ecuadorian Amazon, Yasuni National Park to live and document with the Huaorani tribe and immersed myself in their culture and way of life. There, I hunted food with the warriors and gathered food and resources with the women. Then, they initiated me into the tribe in the most honourable way. Thus an alliance was created between the Amazon and the West and the Huaorani's asked me to spread their message to the world. "Amazon Souls" was the very first film I ever made and this documentary was premiered at Cannes Film Festival this year, shown at the Sheffield Doc/Fest and screened in London a couple days ago with rainforest charities including Sky Rainforest Rescue, WWF, Rainforest Foundation UK, Rainforest Alliance and Rainforest Concern supporting the film.

"Amazon Souls" trailer:

I discovered upon my return from the Amazon that scientists had found plants that could cure cancer. I wanted so badly to return to find this plant as my father was suffering from lung cancer and eventually he died from it in November of 2011. I still want to find it. But if plants and trees are being destroyed, how can we make this possible?

I urge you with the highest importance to please join me in my mission and to sign this petition to encourage the leaders of the world's richest governments with President Rafael Correa and the Ecuadorian Government to stop their plans to drill in the Amazon and to find alternative ways to provide income for the country. I'm sure that if all the brightest minds on this planet connect along with all the power to make this happen, then there be a solution. I also think that the Yasuni ITT Initiative should be given a second chance. This will allow governments in developed countries a second chance to contribute and help

Please help me in my mission to raise awareness of this issue by spreading this message.


Sarah Begum

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How this will help

If the Ecuadorian government take notice of this petition, then that's a step forward. If decision makers abandon or even postpone their plans to drill in the Amazon, that's step two. But to get...

If the Ecuadorian government take notice of this petition, then that's a step forward. If decision makers abandon or even postpone their plans to drill in the Amazon, that's step two. But to get to step two, they need to have alternative options. If we unite as one and provide solutions, with everyone working together to make this happen, then I'm sure we can reach our goal. Saving the Amazon Rainforest has a global impact on our environment so this action will effect the indigenous, the locals, me and even you.


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