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*~*Be a Voice for the Voiceless, Innocent, Helpless, and Defenseless. The more Voices, the louder we are heard and action and laws get changed faster.  Let's make this world a better, safer, and healthier place to live in for all.  Let's make sure the nursing homes are fully staffed and the staff is fully trained for the residents and patients in need. Let's bring the bad nursing homes up to the good.  Abuse and Neglect should not be happening in nursing homes.  NO ONE SHOULD GO INTO ANY CARE FACILITY AND GET ABUSED OR NEGLECTED PERIOD!!  ZERO TOLERANCE!!  Should Not be tolerated!! The elderly should always be treated with dignity and respect. Nursing home abuse and neglect is a hidden crime that is getting swept under the carpet and should not be. Please Everyone do your part to see changes made!! Please take the Pledge to Recruit Your Family and Friends to SIGN & SHARE The Petition. Just go to Petition and press "Invite Friends" and 50 of your friends will appear. All you have to do is press "Share" and it will appear on their wall to sign. You can press "Invite Friends" on a daily basis. It's fast and simple. "Thank You" from the Campaign Leaders*~*


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