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We the People of Egypt fully support our government actions to crack down on the Terrorist Group of Muslim Brotherhood. The terrorist group has been the author of criminal acts against civilians, humanities and the nation institutes. They have killed and tortured those who opposed to their regime or Mohamed Morsi, they have burned churches, city councils and government buildings and illegally possess war arms that they have used to kill 47 police officers, they have attacked and killed savagely the Personnel and officers of the Police station of Kerdassa. We expect that the security council members to support the Egyptian government in their actions against terrorism. This operation is no different then the operation that France has conducted in Mali to crack down on terrorism, it's no different either from that conducted by the USA in Afghanistan. I expect from France, USA, UK, Sweeden, Australia and Germany to support the Egyptian government. We are fighting the same terrorist enemy in our own soil.
We the people of Egypt are determined to defend the unity and the integrity of our Egyptian soil from those terrorists.


Sherif Sadek

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