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Tweet a VIP about publicly supporting End Ecocide in Europe

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How this will help

Only about 70 days left to get 930,000 votes to make the mass destruction of our ecosystems a crime!This short time frame requires us to use the help of those people who are already so influential that they are just a click or two away from exposing millions of people around the world to our initiative! We want those guys to hear us! 
And we need your help!All you need to do is use your twitter account  and tweet away as much as possible! We will update you recently on tweets to use. Until then notice us and start giving a damn! Please also share this, ask your friends and family to tweet too! Also, don't forget to vote yourself at if you haven't done so yet.Every hand helps!Let's End Ecocide in Europe and beyond!!!!
Hello and thank you for participating in the initiative!
We are happy to tell you we have got Russell Brand to retweet two of us, which caused attention to our initiative. You can thank him by retweeting this - of course this is not enough! The show must go on!Tomorrow Nov 19th we will tweet Emma Watson, a British actress 12:00 pm GMT (England time) -  @EmWatson if u could do magic,like Hermione,& help stop the mass destruction of our planet,would u?Fol&RT @EndEcocideEU14:00 pm GMT - @EmWatson a revolutionary opportunity to protect nature.1 law against #Fracking#ArcticDrilling#Nuclear#Deforestation Fol&RT endecocide.eu16:00 pm GMT - @EmWatson Hermione:"Books!&cleverness!There are more important things friendship and bravery"B brave support&RT @EndEcocideEU18:00 pm GMT - @EmWatson TY for Follow&RT @EndEcocideEU for more info go to 2make a law to protect our ecosystem!Our home!20:00 pm GMT - @EmWatson ur amazing in your support of childrens rights.Support a newlaw 2protect our planet,for those children @EndEcocideEU*You can also follow and retweet @PriscaMerz@flaviabiurrun@anzyangels@Hila_Leo@eitzenbeThank you again,Together we can make this a reality.


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