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We formally request that the government of Switzerland, in the name of their iconic dog the St Bernard, reconsider their refusal to outlaw eating dogs and cats. We understand that this practice is on a small scale in Switzerland, and is abhorrent to most Swiss citizens. We would request that the Swiss government joins with the rest of Europe and legislates against this practice in their country, thereby confirming their solidarity with the world wide campaign to end the heinous trade in the torture and killing of companion animals for human consumption. 


Karen Cole

 In 2013 breeding and killing dogs for human consumption is still legal in many countries ..AND even in SWITZERLAND. World wide publicity, often with horrific images, about this practice in those countries where this evil multi-billion dollar trade flourishes has shown us how horrendous this callous obscenity really is. To make matters worse even the St Bernard dog, part of Switzerland's history and tradition, have been imported into China for this evil purpose. The meat of the St Bernard especially is sold for a high price and served as a delicacy. The terror these dogs are subjected to is not only due to callous inhumanity but is purposely engendered to cause an adrenaline rush that supposedly improves the flavour of meat. St Bernard dogs have an amazing search and rescue reputation, in finding humans buried beneath the snow and sharing the warmth of their bodies they have saved many people from certain death. Lost children have been carried to safety on their backs. The history of these valiant and compassionate creatures is legendary. The reward for their devotion to the protection of human life is that they have been exported to countries where their docile nature and size is exploited as profitable meat dogs for the wealthy. In their name we dedicated this petition for all dogs subjected to abuse by humans. Dogs, our best and devoted friends for centuries have no voice...we must speak for them. 


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