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Boycott palm oil for 24 hours

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How this will help

The forests of Indonesia are being destroyed at a terrifying rate, due in large part to the insatiable demand for palm oil . 

Everyone knows that palm oil is in a vast array of everyday products, from biscuits to toothpaste. Boycotting palm oil is not as easy as not eating meat, or only buying cosmetics which haven't been tested on animals. To mark this year's World Orangutan Day (August 19th), we are asking you to try and boycott it for just 24 hours to raise awareness of just how enormous the palm oil problem is. Every day more forest is chopped down and more orangutans are injured or killed in order for palm oil to be produced. If this carries on, orangutans will be wiped off the face of the earth.

Boycotting palm oil for this 24 hour period will send out a strong message to supermarkets that their consumers do not want to buy products which have contributed to the destruction of natural habitats and endangered the lives of orangutans.

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