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Help Max towards his veterinary costs so he can have a life worth living

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I consider myself to be pretty hardened and rational, but seeing this little guy today... Was tough. He's a teenage male pup of very small size, I'd say 3 kilos max. His front paws were severed by a tram ONE WEEK AGO... He was cared for by homeless people until now. Today they finally contacted one of our volunteers, and the volunteer calls me about him. I tell her to tell the homeless people to rush him to the vet clinic asap. He's been like this for a week :(

Fortunately for him, only the right front leg is seriously affected, bone is sticking out and will need to be amputated. Left front leg is ok, only the paw is partially affected, but he still even has some nails left! So that leg should be ok. He's at the vet now in paid pension and tomorrow he's likely to undergo amputation surgery for his right front leg.... His amputation surgery plus further vet care until he recovers will cost quite a bit... BUT he is young and tiny and will only lose one leg, and we really think he has his whole life ahead and can live a life worth living on only 3 legs.

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