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Help bring Musical Theater 4 back to the State of Florida and allow students to strengthen their love of theater and education. By doing this; it allows students to strengthen critical thinking skills, gives them self confidence, and allows them to expand their knowledge for a more cultured education; which many students are unable to obtain currently. It also allows high school seniors to participate in theater for their last year of high school. By taking Musical Theatre 4 away instead of enriching the students lives of the students, you're actually harming them. Many students participate in theater throughout high school but now, students are unable to finish out their passion due to the cut. To many students, theater is an escape from problems, the class allows people to open up and not feel pressured by others and also keeps them from falling into bad habits and suicidal-type behaviors. To the people higher up, cutting one musical theater class might not be a big deal, but to the kids that have been in drama and had drama as a constant for their entire lives where family problems, friendship drama, and whatever else any given person might be going through...for those kids, Musical Theater means the world.


Makenna Elisabeth

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How this will help

This petition will help show the florida department of education that musical theater is important to not only students but the community as a whole. 

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