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Nikki is a fellow domestic abuse/sexual assault survivor in Pennsylvania. She was beaten, kidnapped, and sexually assaulted and in self defense, she SHOT her ex husband in the thigh. Now, she is facing charges of assault by contact and aggressive assault. She needs help! Together with the aid of The Power of What If (non-profit) we can help Nikki send a message to abusers everywhere! WE ARE DONE! We will use any means necessary to protect ourselves and our children from violent offenders and the law will support us! We are asking each of you to donate $20 toward her legal fund. Specify that your donation is to be used for that and it will be! Any additional money will be used to assist other survivors in similar circumstances. Please, help Nikki. She deserves to live her life abuse free and fear free! We can help set precedents here and we need to step up.

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