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Through it's vast wealth, the Monsanto company has bought off various government organizations and high ranking officials in the government (including the president) so as to continue feeding the population poisonous food containing harmful GMO's, Pesticides, and other cancer causers with few regulations. By doing so, they reap a huge profit at the expense of the peoples' health. This nightmare began with Michael R. Taylor who use to be the Monsanto Vice President and an assistant to the FDA commissioner. He soon went to work for a law firm in the 1980's so as to help Monsanto gain approval for artificial growth hormones which lead to cancer. He then became deputy commissioner of the FDA and more recently, he was re-appointed to the FDA in 2009 by Obama (which has been one of Obama's biggest mistakes in office). Since Monsanto has such a strong grasp on the government, they can do what they want. They even purposefully spread their crop seeds to other independent farms so they can sue that farm owner for having Monsanto seeds in their crops and take over that farm (yes, this really happens!). Because of this blatant abuse of power and corruption, Monsanto practically owns the world. However, if we work together to expose Monsanto for these heinous acts and appeal to the government and President Obama, we could possibly cripple Monsanto's reign of terror.


Sean Johnson

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Signing this petition will influence people to take a stand and help stop this corperate giant, Monsanto, that is destroying our societies health.

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