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Every now and than, we find ourselves in the position to ask your help to feed our 60 dogs from the Adoption Center. ROLDA gets no public or governmental funding, although we do an impressive job in the Galati county. Our daily work, increasing rescue missions, our projects relies on private donors generosity and our sponsors. While most of the dogs costs at the large Rescue Center are covered by our largest sponsor, AMG - the Adoption Center doesn't have yet a constant sponsors. The dogs daily care as well as the investments (like renovation costs) are a challenge for us, every month. 

Every day, about 30 kg of dry food are consumed to feed the dogs from Adoption Center. In total, one tone/ each month. 

There isn't any "too big effort" when our dogs welfare is at stake. But without constant resources, we feel powerless seeing that the food is almost over. Today, the reserve of food consists in only 5 bags of 20 kg, which will last for almost 3 days. I would never agree to run a shelter which lacks of basic resources. I would never dissapoint the dogs put in the kennels to wait to be fed. I would never use an excuse (like the lack of personal abilities) to watch my dogs starving. This is why I address to you - who read this call for action - in hope that you will spare a penny or as much as you can to help us raise 850 EUR to purchase one tone of medium quality food which will last for the coming 30 days. 4 pallets of food are promised from our friends from Holland for September month. 

Please make a donation, no matter how small directly to [email protected]

or by using the PayPal button from this page:

I am really sorry that I have to ask your help in this matter but there is no other option, as time is running out! Deep gratitude, ROLDA team


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